Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was “honoured” to play Terminator again and not be “switched out” for another actor. The 67-year-old plays the title role in Terminator Genisys, which is currently in cinemas.

Schwarzenegger told The Sunday Mirror magazine Notebook: “It’s great to be back. Especially knowing that usually studios switch out actors. “How many James Bonds have we had? And Batman and Spider-Man? That could have been the case with Terminator. But they didn’t, so I feel honoured.”

He said he was still fit enough to take on a physical role. “Luckily for me, I’ve been training all along, so I still ski for four or five hours like I did when I was younger,” he said.

“The same with stunts. I don’t feel like I have to tell them at 4pm, ‘Look, guys, I am 67, OK? Let’s cool it now’. That never happens. I go all-out and I have the endurance, luckily, because of my training. “I have to be careful with the injuries, though. Because when you’re 20, you’re not going to get injuries as easily as when you are 67.”