According to report by Kawoon Khamoosh published on BBC website, an Afghan Court has accepted DNA as credible scientific evidence in rape case to convict a father who raped his own daughter for over ten years. The shocking story was also carried on Afghan Television, when she appeared on TV to tell her story and seek support from Women Rights Group and to motivate civil society to help her get justice. What is disturbing for me is the bitter truth that are we a more backward society than even Afghanistan, hostage to male chauvinism, because in Pakistan the Islamic Ideology Council has given a ruling that DNA cannot be accepted as evidence to convict rapists?

How long can we allow this brutal distortion of our religion, which stresses upon acquiring knowledge in sciences, and emphasises upon giving justice to all, irrespective of faith, caste, creed or sex? Our parliament, executive, judiciary, educated religious Ulema and civil society have collectively failed to protect innocent victims of rape. Have we forgotten how an innocent young married women was kidnapped by employees in connivance with security staff of Quaid’s Mazar in Karachi and subjected to rape within premises of this national monument and yet rapists managed to get away?.

How can any sane honest individual come to conclusion that evidence of three male witnesses is mandatory to convict a rapist, when this requirement is there to convict those involved in public display of immoral acts, where Almighty delegates to society the right to punish consensual sexual offenders involved publicly in immoral activity, hence posing a threat to society.


Lahore, July 2.