Islamabad - Zainul Abideen, 35, is leaving no stone unturned in boosting election campaign for himself ahead of local government (LG) elections in Islamabad scheduled for July 25. But he is not sure whether the polls will be held on the fixed date or will be delayed due to legal complications.

Zain could be seen knocking doors in Margalla Town so that he could explain his election manifesto as he is independently contesting the election, as the bill passed by National Assembly so far asks for elections on non-party basis in the federal capital.

Although Zain, one of the 4,000 candidates, campaigns as independent candidate, yet he has sympathies with ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and is ready to provide party certificate to election authorities if the polls are anytime held on party basis.

Like him there are thousands of candidates who have intensified election campaign amid rumours that the exercise could be extended beyond July 25 or Senate could block the bill in order to make some drastic changes in the bill.

Although the polls are going to be held on non-party basis, yet political parties have constituted election committees in order to boost campaign for their covert or overt candidates.

Background chat with contesting candidates revealed that the government is not in favour to engage political parties in the polls as it would set a trend in the upcoming LB polls in Punjab.

“I believe that popularity of PML-N is weak in Islamabad as compared to PTI. If LG polls are held on party basis then there is maximum chance that PML-N will not grab majority seats. And it will impact LB polls in Punjab during the next phase,” Amjad Kiani, a resident said.

With PML-N leader Zafar Ali Shah already moving the court seeking extension in polls, it is believed generally that the most likely date of the LG election would be in late August or early September.

However, candidates although confused about the possible change in election date, have not risked their election campaign by taking a pause. Rather they are extensively arranging Iftar dinners only to talk about the polls and continue corner meetings late in the night till Sehr timings.