KARACHI - Responding strongly to Rangers spokesman statements, Mutthaida Quami Movement (MQM) appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) to take immediate notice on the statement issued by the Rangers.

In a statement here on Sunday, MQM coordination committee (CC) members pointed out that statements by Rangers proves that Karachi targeted operation is exclusively against the party.

After the Rangers statement it is evident that the aim of the operations is not to eliminate criminal elements from Karachi but it is to crush the party said MQM CC members adding that MQM is a law abiding and peaceful political party and there is no place for criminal elements in its ranks and file. They regretted that the Rangers under guise of criminal elements, is only targeting MQM with support of state’s power.

An unannounced ban has been imposed on MQM and it had been forcibly stopped from political and social activities, the Coordination Committee members stated further.

They said that Rangers have arrested hundreds of MQM workers who are being meted out with the worst kind of torture. They are being denied of their basic rights and are being presented in the court of law like prisoners of war, CC members added.

The Rangers statement itself has exposed their intelligence as the claim of ‘Tanzeemi Committee’ is nothing but a pack of lies as any committee of such name does not exists in the party. Neither any other department is working under this name.

MQM CC members said that the Supreme Court’s remarks are on record that there are militant wings in all political and religious parties but Rangers had taken no action against any office-bearer of other political or religious party except MQM.

They said that Rangers claim of presenting all arrested workers before court is also nothing but a pack of lies. They said that the whereabouts of over 50 MQM workers who have been arrested by the Rangers several months back are still unknown.

They said that the party has provided the list of these workers to Rangers but in vain.

The CC members also rejected the claim of Rangers that many MQM office–bearers have presented themselves for arrest. They questioned that MQM workers might be torturing themselves in their torture cells? They blindfold themselves and handcuff themselves, and arriving to courts like animals?

MQM CC appealed to the Chief Justices of Supreme Court and Sindh High Court to take immediate notice of the current statement given by Rangers because in this statement Rangers have accepted that they are arresting MQM Sector, Unit members and other office-bearers.

They asked under which section of the law of the constitution says that becoming an MQM member is a crime. They regretted that the members of banned outfits are roaming freely on streets and lanes of Karachi without any fear of arrests, while Rangers are only finding MQM office-bearers for their arrests and torture.

Earlier Paramilitary force Rangers spokesperson in a statement stated that MQM`s Tanzeemi Committee is involved in organising militancy and that is why Rangers is arresting MQM sectors and Unit in-Charges. The statement further said that some of the MQM workers are themselves surrendering to Rangers. The arrested people are being given unrestricted legal rights while the apprehended people are produced before courts at earliest said Rangers spokesperson adding that Karachi operation is directed against criminal elements.