A joint operation of more than 40 hours conducted by about 300 law enforcers could not ensure the arrest of the members of Jarwar gang which is led by notorious dacoit and proclaimed offender Aziz Jarwar.

The ringleader and his accomplices escaped easily in the presence of more than 300 police personnel of Dera Ghazi Khan and Muzaffargarh, Elite Police Force, CIA staff, two armoured vehicles and nine special police boats.

As per spokesman of Punjab police, the high command of district police was tipped off that Jarwar with a dozen accomplices was present in the Kacha Bhatti Maitla, Mouza Sultan Sandela and Qaim Shahwala locality along the river side in the remit of Police Station Shah Saddar Din, 40 Km away for the city while 7km away from Interprovincial Peshawar-Karachi Indus Highway in the east towards Indus River.

A joint operation of law-enforcement agencies led by DPO Ghulam Mubashir Maken was conducted at the hideouts of criminals situated at an island of Indus River the other day. As the police reached there, the dacoits armed with rocket launchers and heavy guns fired indiscriminately at the police force. The operation remained continue more than 40 hours. The police claimed to have cleared five-kilometre no-go area but dacoits managed to escape.

After the unsuccessful operation, residents of Shah Saddr Din and adjoining areas showed dismay about non-professional conduct of law-enforcement agencies.

Musa, a local resident, said that the failure of police had created now more difficulties for them. Criminals would become more courageous after the failure, he feared. Their activities would rise in the area as police could not arrest anyone nor it could hurt anyone in the operation, he said.

Asghar said that the police have created more problems for them. Across the district, everyone is aware that the area was heaven for criminals, then why police started the operation against gangs without proper preparation, he said. It is notable that the area was main hub of notorious dacoits and proclaimed offenders of four provinces of Pakistan. It is easily approachable for criminals due to its geographical location, political condition, feudal lords and tribe elders’ support. Murders, sale of narcotics and arms are common ordinary crime.