ISLAMABAD - Olympian Naveed Alam has termed Pakistan hockey team’s defeats against Ireland and France as the worst ever and termed it black day for Pakistan hockey and held the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) sole responsible for the debacle.

Talking to The Nation, Naveed said: “The PHF incompetent and arrogant top brass has harvested what they had been cultivating for the past 10 years. It was purely due to the wrong policies of the PHF management, which led to downfall of green shirts and such pathetic results were witnessed. They focus on self-praise, misguiding entire nation and kept on reaping all the benefits. Had the prime minister taken notice of the entire situation a bit earlier, the situation could have far different.”

“I am deeply shocked instead of claiming the responsibility and handing over their resignations, Akhtar Rasool, Rana Mujahid and head coach Shahnaz Shaikh are presenting lame excuses. I was present during the camp at Pakistan Sports Complex and witnessed what was being cooked in the name of training. I noticed a lot of flaws and the team was lacking far behind. The management didn’t take Olympic qualifiers seriously and they were more concerned about minting money and kept on demanding incentives rather than focusing on mega event. It is unbelievable that the world and Olympic champions were deprived of appearing in Rio Olympics,” the former Olympian said.

Naveed said they were the same persons who were enjoying perks and privileges for the last 10 years in one capacity or another. “It was a matter of grave concern when we lost against Ireland. Now immediate resignations are need of the hours. These incompetent persons should have been shown the door quite earlier, but they kept on clinging to their posts which resulted in another worst result in shape of losing against France for the 7th place match. I request the PM to appoint highly impartial fact-finding committee based on Olympians with neat and clean image and also include one journalist to ensure fair and transparent and actual reasons behind green shirts downfall.”

“The inquiry should be conducted from the last 10 years as huge amount of funds were misused. Instead of passing on the benefits to the players, officials reap all the benefits, they go on joy-rides, waste national kitty on such tours, which are of no use for the national team. Until and unless, these people are not removed from the federation and below the belt accountability is not conducted, there is no hope for the national game to rise from the ashes.

“The only viable and real solution to lift hockey from ashes is to empower the real stakeholders and people who have will and courage to work for the noble cause without personal favors. People like Khawaja Zaka Ullah must be handed over role of fact-finding along with Khalid Mehmood, Samiullah and Tariq Aziz. They are highly professionals and know the actual fats. I doubt the committee announced by the IPC minister could make real and genuine recommendations. They should be given three weeks to file their recommendations. The honest persons should be drafted into the federation and they should work on long-term policies rather than patch work,” Naveed concluded.