A: Ramazan has been quite pleasant this time around. I cannot believe we have already crossed half of it. Indeed, God is kind.

S: Pleasant? I do not know which part of Pakistan you live in, but from what I can see, it cannot stop pouring out misery and intolerance. From the heat wave in Sindh, one that killed almost 1500 people, to the electricity and water shortage. It has been far from blessed.

A: But how is that the holy months fault? I can safely say that the government is to blame for that. Let’s not blame everything on religion. This rhetoric has really become your favourite past time. Nevertheless, religion for me is personal and this month has been agreeable for me.

S: Might be for you, but for some reason, the rest of the nation has become more resistant to the idea of self- improvement I believe. Not only did this gay marriage legalisation bring out a vicious side in them, but they have also brought upon themselves to make sure everybody follow their prescribed path of obtaining the ultimate blessings of this month. I get a special shout out of being a kaafir every day now. Not that I don’t enjoy it, but still. People should learn to talk less while fasting.

A: Haha that I will not disagree with. I have actually deactivated all forms of social media this month. Some people do really get on your nerves. Especially those still discussing Ayyan Ali.

S: Oh… Ayann Ali… your Ramazan deactivations make sense now…