Finally the former morning show host’s husband’s identity has finally been revealed. Recently Shaista Lodhi revealed the name of her husband and posted pictures of her wedding on the internet.

Shaista’s fans were shocked when on the 30th June she suddenly announced that she had finally got married. She tweeted a picture in which only the bride and groom could be seen exchanging rings and this left the fans of the former morning show host anxious. She posted the picture with a verse of The Holy Quran and telling her fans that she was “Alhamdulilah married.”

Later a picture was tweeted showing a candid picture of Shaista along with her husband and Shaista’s son. The name of the groom was still not mentioned and the people remained anxious to know who the groom was.

However, Shaista promised her friends that she would be sharing pictures of her wedding with her fans soon. She later keeping her promise posted the pictures of the wedding ceremony and published a blog on her official website telling the world her story.

She had explained in her blog that how difficult the past year has been for her and that she had to leave the country after one of her programmes became controversial. She had to live alone in a foreign country without a job. It was difficult for her but her children kept her spirits high.

Her parents were also worried for her and because of these unfortunate events her mother’s health was affected and she ended up on a wheelchair. She returned home in June and then her elders suggested her that she should settle down with someone. However, she did not take this seriously at first but later she started taking this idea seriously and finally on 30th June she tied the knot with Adnan Lodhi who is her relative according. Adnan had won the hearts of Shaista’s elders and parents. Adnan is the first Pakistani auctioneer of Arts in South Africa.

The wedding function was a small function and only close relatives were invited. Shaista is happy with blessings Allah has given to her. She stated: “Of all things I am thank full for, my role as a wife and as a life partner is definitely the one that intrigues me the most.”