Chairman Senate has said that the resolutions of the assemblies are binding on every federal government as well as its employees to implement these in letter and spirit. But which resolution, that of Sindh assembly against KBD or that of Punjab assembly in support of KBD? 

Please see the resolution of the Sindh assembly without any change in the language: 

“The House resolves that the proposed Kalabagh dam, being detrimental to the interest of Pakistan in general and Sindh province in particular, be dropped. The House therefore recommends to the federal government to abandon this project once for to remove the misgivings of the people of Pakistan about Kalabagh dam”. 

How can this resolution be binding if it does not say what objections the assembly has against Kalabagh dam? Do the assembly members know that 84% of the flow in our rivers takes place in the three flood months and only 16% in the remaining nine months, if the surplus in the summer months is not stored in dams there will be very little water for the winter Rabi season; that we are storing only 10% of the annual flow in our rivers against a world average of 40%, that this low storage has resulted in a decline in the amount of surface water available to each person in the country i.e. the per capita per annum share has dropped from 5000 cubic meters to almost 1000 cubic meters which has put Pakistan into the water-scarce category (do the assembly members even know what water-scarcity is), do they know that we have a contingency reserve of only 30 days against 120 days for India; and that our capacity to contain floods is also very low? 


Lahore, June 7.