The most abnormal and critical health issue that has taken birth in toddlers and teens, just because of negligence of parents. Today’s most important function or we can say self consciousness is considered that our children should get easy and user friendly with the advanced technologies. But do we know the consequences of this? Yes the use of digital devices or the fashion slogans to be updated with the 21st century is causing damages to the brains of the innocent children. As it simply damages the brain to the great extent. According to the Chinese researchers it is like “Digital heroine” whilst Dr. Peter Whybrow director of neuroscience at UCLA calls them” Electronic Cocaine” 

Actually today’s parents are actively participating in their own world, busy doing daily chores and leave the children to handle digital devices for so long that it acts as an addiction spoiling their lives. It turns them deprived of enjoying the physical activities and it turns out to be an abnormality. Basically, researchers say that the devices affect the brain’s frontal cortex like a Class A drug. In fact, technology’s extra use is hyper arousing that it raises dopamine levels to extreme unexpected level. 

Parents should take positive steps to help their children from falling into this deep dungeon of “Digital addiction” before they lose their children’s health at stake of self ease. 


Karachi, June 13.