OKARA-Sui gas remains suspended every night after 10pm in various localities of the city including Model Cooperatives Housing Society, Umer Din Town and Darul Ihsan.

Residents of the localities including Ghulam Ahmad Sabir and Mian Mazhar Jamil told The Nation that they contacted the local SNGPL office over the issue but did not get clear and satisfactory answer by the officials.

"We eventually contacted the SNGPL Lahore office where the officials gave different versions to different callers," they said. The officials said to a caller that the policy of closing gas supply after 10pm is due to gas theft in these areas. But from the same number, the SNGPL staffer told a caller that the gas to these areas is suspended at night due to frequently happened burn incidents.

Residents recorded their protest against the gas suspension and demanded the SNGPL high-ups to take notice of the situation and resolve their problem.