KHYBER AGENCY - he security forces imposed curfew at night times in some areas of tehsil Jamrud.

Residents of the tehsil said that a couple of days ago, an announcement was made through mega phones and loud speakers of mosques, in which residents of seven areas, including Godar, Ghundi, Bakarabad, Lashora, Mulagori, Nai Abadi and other adjacent areas, were directed to remain in their homes from 8 pm to 5 am.

According to the administration sources, immediate cause of the curfew was intelligence report that an explosive-laden vehicle had entered the area. However, security sources said that the step was necessary for tightening the noose of anti-state elements. They said that the curfew was also imposed with the purpose to deter any untoward incident.

The unexpected decision of the forces added to the miseries of local tribesmen and large number of them had to spend a night outside homes as they had no prior information about implementation of curfew in their area.

They said that for convenience of locals, the political administration should inform the residents at least one day in advance.