LAHORE - There is no threat of immediate flooding as all the major rivers are flowing below low flood level in Punjab, according to Punjab Disaster Management Authority.

Water inflow at Tarbela Dam, which has a capacity to store 1500,000 cusecs, was 198,000 while outflow was 189,900 cusecs. Kalabagh, having capacity of storing 950,000 cusec, recorded inflow at 177,600 and outflow at 169,600 cusecs. Chashma has 95,000 capacity; its inflow was 217,600 and outflow was 211,100 cusecs.

Taunsa with 110,000 capacity, recorded inflow at 200,700 and outflow at 179,800; inflow at Guddu, having 1200,00 cusecs capacity, was 159700 while outflow was 118800; Sukkur Barrage with 1500,00 capacity also had normal flow of water while Kotri recorded 64600 cusec inflow and 24100 cusec outflow. The River Ravi at Jassar point recorded outflow at 3900 cusec; at Shahdara, inflow was 24,800 and outflow 24,800 cusec; Baloki’s inflow and outflow was 41,400 and 9,200 cusec respectively.