ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan and China should make efforts for homogenising laws and act as a model for mutual assistance and cooperation.

Attorney General for Pakistan Ashtar Ausaf said this while talking to a Chinese delegation, which met him on Wednesday in his office in the Supreme Court building. The AGP highlighting greater cooperation between Pakistan and China expressed the desire to ensure that the legal regimes in the two states should be prepared for the anticipated growth in economic activity between Pakistan and China. Ausaf said that Pakistan and China continue to take steps on the road of friendship and cooperation.

He informed the delegation about the role and functions of AGP office, adding the attorney general is the principal law officer of the federation of Pakistan and in his capacity as such, often offers his counsel to the Courts on matters concerning inter alia, inter-provincial and constitutional matters. Additionally, the attorney general’s role may entail him to attend the proceedings of either House of the Parliament. The delegation was informed that the office currently employees 172 lawyers across the country.

Vice Minister Department of Justice China Liu Zhenyu thanked the AGP for hospitality. He stated that Pakistan and China shared common ideas on numerous issues of national interest. He said that diplomatic visits between the two countries were frequent, thereby strengthening their ties. He said that cooperation between the two countries had yielded positive results in the fields of science, commerce, and diplomacy. The time was now ripe to extend the cooperation to the field of law.

Reflecting on their cooperation in the past, particularly after Pakistan’s induction in the Shanghai Cooperation organisation (SCO), the delegation agreed on appointing focal persons in both Pakistan and China to facilitate and foster greater coordination between the two sides.

Moreover, the two sides resolved to extend their cooperation to include mutual agreements not only on the federal but also the provincial level.

The Chinese delegation was headed by Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong and comprised Vice Minister Department of Justice Liu Zhenyu, Inspector Department of Judicial Assistance and Foreign Affairs MOJ Hu Yiding, Inspector Bureau of Judicial Expertise MOJ Wo Lingsheng, Director General Justice Department of Heilongjiang Province Ren Zengang, Official General Office MOJ and Project Officer, Department of Judicial Assistance and Foreign Affairs MOJ Chen Jingjing.