Regional developments

2017-07-05T22:29:44+05:00 Dr. Ikhlaq Hussain

The Almighty’s reward of a unique geostrategic and geopolitical location for Pakistan amidst three great countries has made it a focus of interest for the regional and global powers. However, it is really painful to see the unfortunate people of Pakistan have not found a leader to guide them and show the right direction. Therefore, there has been a leadership crisis for seven decades. In recent years, a number of changes and serious developments have appeared in the region. The great mega project of CPEC in Pakistan is the brainchild of Chinese leadership which reflects their wisdom, deep vision and farsightedness. The Chinese leadership is therefore fully involved in the development and completion of this project and at the same time, our ruling government is also cooperating fully. So much so, that it has deployed its armed forces units to supervise the project and counter any challenge or sabotage from its enemies.

It is a fact that the people of Pakistan on their part have put the soil of their motherland at Chinese disposal. Once CPEC is completed and starts functioning, it would prove to be a game changer for the region and the people. Moreover, it can also be predicted that Pakistan, as a result of this project, would become the life line and jugular vessel for China in the future and consequently, the security of Pakistan and its defence would then become its liability and necessity. Similarly, China too would achieve tremendous gains like a great boost in its trade, economy and above all, its geo strategic access into the Indian Ocean, a great challenge and threat for India and USA. How and what Pakistan could achieve, the long term benefits from the mega project of CPEC is not yet fully clear to our leaders and the people.

In most democratic countries, national matters, policies and mega projects are fully discussed and debated in the assemblies before they are finalised and started. In Pakistan unfortunately, this procedure is not practiced, on the other side, the state of Pakistan has always been ruled and governed by every government like the civilian dictators with all the ruling powers of the state centralised, or in other words, the country is ruled by a simple policy, do whatever you like, nobody can dare question you. It is interesting to note that the project of CPEC has not yet been completed, its opposition from India and from certain corners from inside Pakistan has already started, and has been challenged and threatened to make this project controversial like Kalabagh dam in the past. India has already challenged it at international forums.

India, like in the past, is once again preparing to disintegrate Pakistan. However, the present ruling government and agencies have changed their old game plans and war tactics. India so far, has succeeded in implanting its paid and trained terrorists in every city and village of the country. It has deployed its highly trained agency commanders who had been carrying out their mission in Pakistan while sitting in Iran and Afghanistan, destabilise Pakistan, exhaust its economy and finally disintegrate it. The latest India-US cooperation is also a part of the game and an eye opener for our leaders as well as regional powers. Terrorism, today is not restricted to Pakistan only, it has rather become a global issue. Therefor it can only be defeated by joint efforts of the countries, hectic diplomacy amongst them and a determination and political will to stop financial support to terrorist organisations.

The situation in Afghanistan is grave. The Taliban and ISIS have dominated the country and started terrible terrorist attacks in various parts of the country and even in the capital Kabul. Civil war has started in Afghanistan and the puppet ruling government is likely to be toppled any time. The Indian agencies have set up its headquarters in Afghanistan in an agreement with its ruling Government and the agencies and is conducting proxy war and terrorism in Balochistan and other parts of the country. While on one side, new changes are taking place in Afghanistan, on the other, under the great game of the axis of evil countries, efforts are being done to shift the war arena from Middle East towards the already burning battlefield of Afghanistan and involve the entire region of South Asia. Once the war zone is shifted, it looks that it may likely suck in and drag other countries like Pakistan, India, Iran, China and Russia and would then convert the region into a sitting volcano and the nuclear flashpoint.

In the present prevailing circumstances of Pakistan, the situation is unpredictable. Our diplomatic relations with our neighbour countries are at their lowest level. The Indian Prime Minister Mr Modi is busy luring Mr Trump, the US President and signing new defence pacts. The aims and designs of both of them about Pakistan are fishy. In the prevailing serious developments around Pakistan, everything is not good inside the country. The country is in a state of a political mess and has become a fish market. The political leaders and their parties are busy in their feuds, personal political wars with each other, unaware of the dangerous developments by their neighbour, unconcerned, politically bankrupt, and hungry for power only. The country is at a stand still. The government of Sindh has collapsed and failed. MQM has been divided into three political parties. The people of Karachi are on roads against the ruling government. Are there signs of revolution? The nation is confused and looking towards its respectable judiciary, expecting a drastic suo moto action against the prevailing political system of the country. May the Almighty save Pakistan and long live our judiciary, Inshallah.

The writer is a senior citizen, who has served the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudia-Arabia. At present, he is working as a medical specialist in a charity medical centre.

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