I am observing with great pain that the new houses which are being built these days in Islamabad, some of them are equipped with large size swimming pools which require huge volumes of water to fill them up. As the city is facing acute water shortage & the water level in the ground is dropping due to intensive boring almost in each & every area of the city, whether it is residential or commercial. It is about time that the owners of these houses who are maintaining these big pools should be sent first legal notices by CDA to refrain from filling up large volumes of water in the pools & if they do not act then, they should be heavily fined.

At the same time, future construction of swimming pools in the newly built houses should be considered illegal & if possible, the maps of those houses may be disapproved or canceled. As we are aware of the fact that, after sometime the swimming pool needs cleaning & huge volume of water in the swimming pool has to be flushed out & that goes in the drain & thus it is wasted otherwise that water could fulfill the needs of the people very easily who are facing severe water shortages in their respective areas. I know this is a very difficult task but in this way CDA would not only do a great justice to the people but to the environment as well.


Islamabad, June 13.