Islamabad - The air is buzzing with energy in Pakistan, as the elections are nearing us with each passing day. From the public to the media, everyone is affected by the contagious liveliness. Despite the excitement surrounding the elections, there is a dire need for us; the ‘public’ to analyze the manifestos compiled by the major political parties. The current political situation resembles most with a buffet. An appetizing one too (After all, being a culturally rich country has its perks). The reason is that each major political party is presenting before us, their own dish with its own recipe. The manifesto is the dish in this case, while the ideology is the recipe.

Out of all the manifestos presented yet, here’s why PPP’s dish is “Our Manifesto”. The foremost feature that catches the eye is the vision (a bit ironic, I must say). The vision being the motivation and reason both, of the dish to come into being. “A peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan for all our people”. This line alone is concrete enough for us to form an opinion. The fact that “all our people” is mentioned triggers a sense of belonging. It is a realization that a political party is finally owning up and taking responsibility of the nation. A country that is no more derelict.

Let’s start with presentation next, which is the look of the dish, slogan to be precise. “Roti, Kapra aur Makaan- Ilm Sehat, Sab Ko Kaam”. Sounds a bit familiar? This is because it is the go-to debate topic all over the country. It is remarkable, the way that PPP has managed to address every major problem the Pakistani society is facing right now within these two lines. The simplicity of it all is the most attractive feature.

Now it’s time to notice the detailing. Out of all the points, perhaps the inclusivity of the manifesto is the most important. Throughout the manifesto, the nation is being addressed as “all our people”. This includes men, women, the transgender community, farmers, labourers, businessmen and students. Regardless of faith, gender or profession, equal opportunities should be available to all.

The innovative part of the dish is also important, considering it’s the 21st century. The dish is comprised of multiple innovations and never-seen-before technologies for Pakistan. These include the different programmes for health, education and the economy. Projects such as the “Benazir Food card” and “Family Health Service” are proof of the involvement of technology for transparency of each initiative taken.

It won’t hurt to mention that women empowerment too has been promoted in the manifesto. Introducing women to the market economy as entrepreneurs is a revolutionary step towards eradicating gender-based discrimination and providing a comfortable environment to the women of the society. Also, the young learners are not ignored, which is more than a plus point. A paid internship program is to be introduced for learners from the age of 17-21, the requirement being education till matriculation or its equivalent.

The last element to be judged is the taste. As one turns to towards the last page to the manifesto, the title that can be seen is “Our Call”.  It is in the following sentences:

1.            Come out and vote for us if you agree with us.

2.            Come out and vote against us if you disagree.

3.            Come out and argue with us if you are not sure about voting, or are not registered yet to vote.

4.            Come out and tell us when we do something wrong and also when we do something right.

5.            Come out and be counted because you matter.

Do I need to say more? The party, itself is encouraging people to come out. It doesn’t matter for whom you vote, but that you vote and exercise your right. Also, the call for both pointing out the mistakes and appreciating the party is a turning point. It makes us realize how integral it is for us as a nation to point out the negativity but appreciate the positivity at the same time. In the end, all of it depends on who tastes the buffet. My stomach’s full. Now it’s your turn.

–The writer is a freelance contributor.