MUZAFFARGARH/OKARA   -  Awami Raj Party chairman Jamshed Dasti has withdraw his nomination papers in favour of independent candidate Fiaz Chajra while various political families’ leaders announced to support PPP’s Malik Ghulam Raza Rabbani Khar.

Thus, Ghulam Raza has strong position against PTI candidate Malik Rafiqu Khar in NA-183. Pakistan Muslim League Q district president Malik Modassir Abbas Khar announced to convince PPP candidate Ghulam Raza. While former MPA Malik Farooq Khar, Malik Tahir Khar, Malik Talib Khar are supporting the PPP candidate.

Talking to The Nation, Ghulam Raza said that already former MPA Mian Alamdar Abbas was supporting him because he was also contesting election in PP 277 as independent candidate. Raza is brother of Hina Rabbani Khar, a former foreign minister. He is son of former MNA Malik Noor Rabbani Khar. It is first election of Raza Khar who already refused the offers of PTI and PML-N.

Noor Rabbani Khar was candidate of NA-182 but PPP leadership asked him to withdraw his paper. PTI candidate Malik Rafique Khar and independent candidate Fiaz Chajra are under NAB cases. In NA-182, Awami Raj party chairman Jamshed Dasti withdrew his paper in favor of Fiaz Chajra. He is contesting elections for five seats in Muzaffargarh district. While Ghulam Mustafa Khar is contesting election only for one NA-181 seat. On Wednesday, in a big gathering of hundreds of people at Baseera, Mian Alamdar Abbas Qureshi, Haji Farooq Khar, and others announced to support Malik Raza Rabbani Khar.

The PTI candidate for PP-189 Haji Chaudhry Muhammad Saleem Sadiq said in an election campaign meeting that the Sharif family had damaged their party with their own conspiracies and defective policies. He said Nawaz Sharif wanted to keep ruling the country. He said before the PML-N rule, the People’s Party had been robbing the nation relentlessly. After that rule, the PML-N rulers started sweeping the country of its resources.

He said Imran Khan had started rebellion against both the parties. After coming to power, Imran Khan would provide true and equal justice, privileges and chances of earning morsel with complete sense of self-respect. He said as Imran Khan had determined, upcoming elections are the last opportunity for the masses to lay down first brick in the building of bright future.