SADIQABAD: After coming to power, the first and foremost priority of Pakistan People’s Party [PPP] will be the provision of water and other facilities at tail areas of Sadiqabad tehsil.

These views were expressed by PPP candidates including Makhdoom Syed Murtaza Mehmood, candidate for NA-180, and Mumtaz Ali Khan Chang, candidate for PP-266, during their addresses to public gatherings at Tillo Bangla, Adam Sahaba, Kot Sabzal, and Maachka here the other day.

They vowed to provide water, electricity, and gas in rural areas along with better road network and chances of employment for local youths.–Staff Reporter

 They flayed the previous government for doing nothing except adding to public woes i.e. unemployment, inflation, etc.

They claimed that the sun of July 25 would witness thumping victory of the PPP, adding that 2018 election would prove to be a milestone in people’s wellbeing and prosperity of Pakistan.