KARACHI   -    Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has said that handing over traitor Dr Shakil Afridi to the US would be a historical betrayal and the nation would not forgive Prime Minister Imran Khan if he did so. He said the nation has a lot of hopes pined on Prime Minister Imran Khan and he would not disappoint it.

He was addressing a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC) in which an effigy of Dr Shakil Afridi was set on fire. PDP Karachi president Abdul Hakim Quaid, general secretary Sardar Zulfiqar and other leaders were also present.

Altaf Shakoor said we hope that Prime Minister would not repeat the mistakes of past rulers and would not put the national honour and dignity on the stake. He said if prime ministers, presidents and senior army officers are tried for their serious crimes including treason it is a good omen for the country and a positive tradition. He said due to these positive traditions we are heading towards a new Pakistan.

He said Dr Shakil Afridi is a traitor and it would be a wrong tradition if he was handed over the US like Raymond Davis and Col Joseph. He said the nation would suffer a lot due to such negative traditions.

He hoped that Prime Minister Imran Khan would not do this, as he has already been making a new Pakistan where every Pakistan can live with pride and dignity.

He said he would not let the national institutions and judiciary belittled. 

Altaf Shakoor said the respect is our Green Passport in the world is on decline because in past we sold our daughters for dollars. He expressed concern over news items that the US president would meet Pakistani Prime minister only when Dr Shakil is released. He said if these news items are true it is a huge disgrace for Pakistan and Pakistanis. He said if the Prime Minister Imran Khan has no option but to hand over Dr Shakil Afridi, it would be tolerated by the people of Pakistan only when Dr Aafia Siddiqui is released.