TIMERGARA              -        President All Secretaries Village Councils Associ­ation (ASVCA) Dir Lower and Vice President of the Village Councils Association Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Salahuddin Khan on Sunday expressed dismay for not acknowledging the services of village and neigh­bourhood council secretaries during coronavirus pandemic by the district administration.

Though, on completion of 100 days of determina­tion by the provincial government in fight against Co­rona, Deputy commissioner Dir Lower Saadat Has­san paid glowing tribute to village council secretaries for their valued services to conrtol spread of Cov­id-19 outbreak in the district, but the officials of Lo­cal Government and Rural Development Department (LG&RDD) Dir Lower were not invited to the function.

He said like officials of health, police and tehsil mu­nicipal administrations (TMAs) departments, village and neighbourhood council secretaries also played a frontline role to check Corona. “Village and neigh­bourhood council secretaries duly represented the district administration in every nook and corner of the district by ensuring government’s standard op­erating procedures (SOPs) at all villages besides making announcements through loud speakers of masajid, collecting data for poor daily wagers and labourers for government’s relief packages during lockdown, he said and added that the district ad­ministration’s act had disappointed 198 villages and neighbourhood councils secretaries, who worked day and night to contain the spread of coronavirus