KARACHI            -          Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah presided over a meeting of his cabinet members and advisors strongly condemned the coup against the government of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto by General Zia on July 5, 1977.

“July 5, will always be observed as `Black Day’ in the political history of Pakistan because it was the day when a democratically elected government was removed, martial law was imposed, political leadership and workers were arrested and tortured,” he said.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Shah said “look at the revenge of the history that Shaheed Bhutto is not only alive in the history but a source of inspiration while Gen. Zia has become a stigma on the political history of Pakistan.”

The meeting paid rich tributes to Shaheed Bhutto who laid his life for the people of Pakistan. The meeting also eulogized the services of Begum Bhutto and Shaheed Mohterma Benazir Bhutto for restoration of democracy in the country.

Ministers performance: The Chief Minister, giving the message of party leadership to his ministers and his advisors, urged them to improve their performance. “The party leadership wants the ministers and advisors to perform better, resolve public problems, develop close association with the people who feel to be isolated during these pandemic days and guide them how to lead life with COVID-19, help them if they need,” he said.

The minister assured the Chief Minister that they would work hard as desired by the party leadership. COVID-19: The Chief Minister said that COVID-19 had spread all over the Sindh. “Our rural areas which were safe earlier have started diagnosing a large number of corona patients- this is dangerous,” he said and urged the ministers and advisors to enforce implementation of SOPs through district administration so that it could be contained.

Locust: The participants of the meeting said that locust swarms have wreaked havoc with standing crops. They pointed out that after heavy rains in Thar or desert areas of the province, the locust must have started breeding. It was pointed out that the aerial spray was needed for an hour, otherwise all the crops of Kharif would be eaten away by the locust swarm. The meeting urged the federal government to intensify aerial spray work, otherwise national food security would come under stake.

Load-shedding: The ministers and advisors openly talked against load-shedding all over Sindh. They said that on the one hand the government was urging people to stay home and on the other our power companies resorting to load-shedding forced them to get out of homes. They were of the view that if such a situation continued neither they would be able to get rid of COVID-19 nor improve industrial production. Minister Information Syed Nasir Shah urged the HESCO, SEPCO and KE to exempt institutions of essential service from load-shedding and asked them to improve their performance.

Monsoon: Minister Local Government Nasir Shah while briefing the Chief Minister said that keeping in view the forecast of heavy rains he had put all the local bodies, waterboard and WASA on alert. He assured the Chief Minister that in case of heavy downpour all the concerned institutions would be in the field to help the people.