The current economic condition of Pakistan is in a crisis. The government is trying to overcome this but it seems difficult, due to the current situation involving the coronavirus lockdown and crops being attacked by swarms of locust.

This is also resulting in an increased price of goods, especially consumer products. The main problem Pakistan is facing nowadays is insufficient revenue and fiscal deficit exports.

Citizens can compromise in terms of some products, but when it comes to consumer goods it is really difficult for people to afford them. The increase in prices is especially detrimental for the poor as they cannot fulfil their daily needs.

As mentioned above, the locust attack on crops adds to this. The required amount of crops are not produced and this leads to an increase in crop prices, due to high demand and low supply.

On the other hand, the coronavirus has badly affected exports. Pakistan is not exporting products to other countries as it was before. In the same way, money production inside the country is also not very strong. The government is facing difficulties in importing products. There is an imbalance where some products are in abundance, while others are lacking.

In both situations, the consumers have to suffer.

The government is trying its best to overcome all these conflicts but the low money production ties their hands. They have to borrow resources both domestically, and externally. This increases the amount of debt, which is also responsible for the increase in the cost of goods.