ISLAMABAD             -       In Indian occupied Kashmir, suspension of high-speed mobile internet has entered in 12th month, yet the subscribers in the valley are compelled to pay for the services they aren’t able to use.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the largest service provider of 4G mobile internet in the Kashmir Valley is Reliance Jio, which, as per limited estimates, has earned over Rs 553 corer from the Kashmiris since August 2019.

Since the abrogation of Kashmir’s special status, over 30 lakh subscriber base that the Jio has in the occupied territory have paid around Rs 553 corer in bills and recharges without actually getting full services.

Since August 2019 when 4G was suspended in the territory, the subscribers have thus paid a staggering Rs 5,537,400,000 (553.74 corer) till June 30, 2020.

The amount was paid without the users actually getting the prime service high speed internet– they initially subscribed for.

The authorities have repeatedly extended the ban on 4G mobile internet since stopping the service in occupied Kashmir on August 5, last year.