ISLAMABAD              -           In times of isolation amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, the online book stores were offering variety of books for the interest of citizens spe­cially school going kids and delivering directly to their door steps which is promoting the tra­ditional habit of book reading and creating a source of entertainment for public.

“With more schools closing temporarily due to COVID-19, and with many parents now work­ing from home, people have been coming up with ways to entertain themselves where leading book stores were giving opportunity to parents and their kids to get discounted rate books.

According to book store retailers, public have mostly been buying cooking, healthy diet books, adult coloring and story books, psychology and philosophy books from the online bookstore, Pri­vate news channel reported.

A 22-year-old Uzma Ali while talking to private news channel said, “these days, people are find­ing more ways to spend their time , turning the many hours at home into an opportunity to take up a new hobbies and trend of book reading is the best for opportunity for us as it can offer a sense of comfort”.

To help parents keep their children engaged throughout the day, some book stores have start­ed to make their resources available for free on internet and providing online facility to choose their favorite books, said Ayan Zia a citizen.

A bookstore owner said customers can order books online and have them delivered quickly.

He said coronavirus outbreak has prompted consumers to purchase books through mobile or online platforms instead of visiting offline stores.

Books are an important part of our lives and current interest in book reading seen a major change since the coronavirus outbreak, said Sai­ra Bilal.

Although book lovers are staying home more, they may be turning to other activities, such as watching TV, to pass the time but story telling and book reading was the favorite hobbies of parents these days, she added.