I gave Rs 4,00,000 to one of my relatives in UAE for getting an employment visa for me. The man deceived me and after a lapse of more than 6 months, has neither returned my money nor arranged for a proper visa. I officially lodged a complaint in this connection to the UAE embassy in Pakistan on 03-04-2008 and at fax number 051-2279063 dated 07-04-2008 but have not received any response or confirmation from the embassy till today. I reported the whole matter to the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate for Naturalisation and Residence, UAE at fax number 0097-143981119,0097-124414938 on 07-04-2008 but there is no response as yet. I am perplexed that no relevant official or authority is paying any heed to this very important matter. -MUHAMMAD NAJAM-UL-SAQIB ELAHI, Gujranwala, via e-mail, May 28.