LAHORE (PR) - Dr Shahzad Arshad, Chairman of Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCFAMEA) in a press statement has forwarded the major points for the budget proposals for 2008-2009 regarding the apparel and textile industry of Pakistan. The points forwarded to the Minister of Commerce and Textiles are as under: R N D support with enhanced rate should be continued for another five years. Export refinance rate/policy be restored as of 2002 to be totally financed by the State Bank of Pakistan. 11 percent burden of multiple taxes may immediately be unburdened on apparel manufacturers and exporters. Separate export oriented units rules may be notified for the apparel industry making it at par with EPZ with the mechanism for smooth sailing of EOU program. SRO number 327 (I) 2008 dated march 29 2008, issued to implement the decision is different to simplify. Matching gas tariffs, as allowed to fertilizer industry may be given to the apparel industry on exports of realization i.e. at 36.77 per MMBTU instead of at 321.26 in July 2008 MMBTU. The government should allow travel/marketing allowance at 3 per cent of the last years exports or devise a mechanism to share these expenses. EU, USA AND JAPAN may be approached for zero rated tariff entry of Pakistani apparel to their markets. Under invoiced import of garments from China may be brought under price control to protect the local industry. Reinstatement of SBP LTD EOP schemes for the up gradation of manufacturing facilities. Strengthen the training institutes to resolve the shortage of skilled labor Designing element i.e. development of seasonal collections to be institutionalized in the industry. Develop linkages with the international fashion design universalities. Develop technical training through the institutes. Fiscal policy reforms to control the inflation and improve law and order.