In South Punjab, harvesting of wheat crop is in progress, and will end as soon as the sowing of cotton starts. Meanwhile, the Rangers and operatives of Agriculture and Revenue Departments have become active, raiding and harassing the growers, blocking and ambushing movement of wheat with only one aim; to force the growers to sell their produce to only the Food Department or PASSCO. Stopping growers from selling their produce in the open market is both illegal and immoral in a system of market economy. I would like to ask the Honorable Chief Minister why this yardstick is not applied to the sugar and ghee mills? I would like to bring it to the notice of Prime Minister of Pakistan as well in whose constituency I reside. The coercive steps of the new government have broken the will of the growers. This will lead to unfortunate consequences, restricting the growth at home and requiring import of wheat at much higher prices next year. -BRIG (Retd) NASEEM KHAN, Multan, via e-mail, May 24.