KARACHI (APP) - Petroleum dealers were facing acute shortage of petrol and diesel due to non-supply from oil marketing companies (OMCs). This was stated by the Chairman Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) Abdus Sami Khan while addressing a press conference along with some other members here on Thursday. He pointed out that in Karachi, the supply of petroleum products from OMCs has dropped by more than 50 percent and the situation is worse in the interiors of Sindh and Punjab. He expressed fear that gas stations will not be able to dispense motor gasoline and diesel to the motorists if OMCs did not ensure supply on June 14 and 15 at the time of revision of prices of petroleum products. Sami Khan said that petroleum dealers will move to the court, if they found that OMCs were not supplying petroleum products despite having sufficient stocks. He alleged that OMCs have raised prices of lubricants by 100 percent in the last six months and asked the government the government to pay attention to this problem. Prices of lubricants have increased from Rs 60 a litre to Rs 120 a litre during this period. He said that OMCs were claiming that the outstanding amount of subsidy from the government on the sale of petroleum products has touched Rs 72 billion and therefore they cannot maintain sufficient stocks. He denied allegations that petrol pumps were hoarding petroleum products on the first and 15th of every month in anticipation of price hike by OGRA. We do not get supply from OMCs and this is the reason why gas stations stop selling petrol and diesel to people, he noted. Referring to the meeting with the chairman Federal Board of Revenue, Secretary Petroleum, Chairman OGRA, the Director General Oil and Director General Gas, he said that it was conceived that the government was contemplating to introduce gas development levy (GDL) on gas, on the pattern of petroleum development levy (PDL) to increase CNG prices in the forthcoming budget. He alleged that OMCs were supporting the idea to impose GDL on gas so that the price difference between petrol and CNG is further reduced. We have been told that if price of petrol reaches Rs 100 a litre, CNG price will be Rs 75 per kilo, he added. Sami Khan said that if this happens, the petrol pumps will close down their business and other potential investors not to invest in CNG sector.