Economics is commonly believed to be something highly technical like higher mathematics or theoretical physics. The belief is utterly unfounded. For certain ulterior motives, the economists have always kept secret the real meaning of economics. They have deliberately misguided the common man. The economics which the economists have explained through their huge books is a bogus economics. The real economics means just one simple thing. It says: "Live within your means." But our rulers have always ridiculed the stupidity of living within the national means. They firmly believe that only animals live within their means. They are not animals. They are rulers. They must live like rulers. And they have always lived like rulers only to distinguish themselves from animals. In order to distinguish themselves from animals, the rulers burn the national resources passionately for their festivities. The masses see the conflagration and get their eyes signed. Nothing is left for them in the national exchequer. They must learn to survive on empty stomachs or must get ready to be swallowed by their empty graves prematurely. There are two brands of animals. There are animals of the jungle and human animals of the cities. By monopolising the country's resources the rulers make it easy for the city-animals to become the animals of the jungle. What a philanthropy Incidentally, the rulers and the masses have one thing in common. Both of them have sacks. The sacks of the rulers are always full of dollars whereas the sacks of the masses are always full of emptiness. The rulers look into their sacks and dance. The masses look into their sacks and cry. They look with the hope that there might be a handful of flour hiding itself somewhere inside the sack. Finding the sacks utterly flourless, the masses feel like committing suicide and sometimes do kill themselves out of sheer frustration. The national problem of poverty can be easily solved. Just pick up a handful of dollars from each dollar-packed sack and drop them into each empty sack. A sudden revolution would glorify the country. The decades old starvation would flee the land. The poverty-provoked self-killings would become extinct. For the first time in our history, smiles would play merrily on the cheeks of the masses. Once a prime minister publicly swore that his major mission was to improve the living-standard of the masses. Poor prime minister He never knew that the masses had never known what a standard of living was. They had always lived like animals. Do animals have a standard of living? Can you improve what has never existed? The prime minister was determined to improve what had never existed. What an ignorance Perhaps it was on the strength of this very ignorance that he had become prime minister. Would that somebody had told the prime minister: "Mr Prime Minister, First give the masses a standard of living and then keep watching. If the watching depressed you then improve what had depressed you." Logically, the prime minister should have proclaimed: "I am determined to improve the lifestyle of the prosperous Pakistan. So far they have been condemned to put up with a lousy 5-star lifestyle. I am determined to double the stars. Soon they would be enable to enjoy a 10-star lifestyle." Our recent history is a history of regular suicides by the poverty-stricken Pakistanis. Some of them (especially mothers) killed themselves by jumping into canals along with their kids. Others killed themselves by lying on the railway-lines along with their kids. The railways and canals were built by our British rulers. It looks as if they foresaw that in the future some Pakistanis would be forced to kill themselves because of their extreme poverty. Did they build the railways and canals to help the would-be self-killers so that they could get rid of their misery easily? One wonders Unfortunately, the national resources are hardly sufficient for the needs of the rulers. There is nothing the rulers can do about the national misery. But luckily the rulers can forestall the railway and canal suicides. They can do so by stripping the country of all the railway suicides. And when there would be no canals, there would be no canal suicides. We are warned that our enemies are out to destroy us. Luckily, we don't need enemies for our destruction. We are strong enough to destroy ourselves. And we have been destroying ourselves inch by inch.