NUCLEAR scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, who admitted leaking nuclear secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya, has again recanted his confession. In an interview with CNN, AQ Khan denied being responsible for the proliferation of nuclear secrets. "I did not indulge in any proliferation but I am proud of helping my country to stand on its feet and to be safe. Because we had so many wars with India - we lost half of our country," he said. He said: "I just want to lead a normal life. My whole family is in Karachi - all are old, I am the youngest. They are sick, I can't go see them. My friends can't come and see me. This is not enough". You reach a stage when you don't care about any thing else." He explained in an interview with ABC News that the Pakistani government and President Musharraf forced him to be a 'scapegoat' for the 'national interest'. He also denies ever travelling to Iran or Libya and said that North Korea's nuclear programme was well advanced before his visit. When asked whether Musharraf would admit this, AQ Khan told CNN: "It is his business. Whatever he has been telling people in the country. Whatever he says is up to them. But I can tell you that the man on the street is more knowledgeable than the man on the street in the United States."