WEB sites of Hong Kong are more likely to fill your computer with unwanted ads, viruses and spam than those from anywhere else in the world. Sites using the ".hk" domain name pose the biggest security threat to visitors. Mainland Chinese sites were the second most risky with 11 percent, while those from Finland and Japan are the two safest according to the shrill, panicky screaming of insecurity experts and employer of most of the world's ex hackers, McAfee. Hong Kong has really gone to the dogs lately, according to the doom merchants. Last year it was only the 28th most dodgy Internet location. Jeff Green, senior vice president at McAfee said (probably from his lead-lined bunker) that the study looked at 9.9 million well-visited websites in 265 countries. The sites were ranked by the amount of adware, spyware, viruses, spam, excessive pop-ups, browser exploits or links to other problem sites they contained. Generally you were less likely to get something nasty by visiting the ".info " domain name while ".gov" was the safest. As you might expect, Hong Kong and China are spam central.      - Inquirer