LAHORE - The Indus Basin Water Council Pakistan (IBWCP) on Thursday termed the shelving of Kalabagh Dam project as the last nail in the coffin of Pakistan's defence and demanded the government to take extreme step to implement the Indus Basin Water Treaty, singed with India, to save the future of the next generations in Pakistan. "The shelving of Kalabagh Dam by the Pakistan Peoples Party is a blunder and a gift to India. Kalabagh Dam is not the issue of Sindhis, Punjabis, Balochis or Pukhtoons. It is the issue of Pakistan and a must for the survival of Pakistan," Aziz-ul-Haq Qureshi Chief Coordinator IBWCP told reporters while addressing a press-conference here at Lahore Press Club on Thursday. Chairman IBWCP Hafiz Zahoor-ul-Hassan Dahir, Engineer Suleman Khan, Bashir A Malik and Brig (r) Mohammad Shafi were also present on this occasion. They expressed grave concern over the shelving of Kalabagh Dam project and said that neither any province was discussed in this regard nor the government held any meeting of the four provinces over this issue. Aziz Qureshi further said that India is very happy after Pakistan shelved the Kalabagh Dam because they (Hindus) do not want to see the construction of this mega project in this country. Responding to a questioner, he said former rulers have not constructed even a single dam in Pakistan since 1974. Therefore, they should be punished for committing this heinous crime and playing havoc with the stability of Pakistan. "If they are not alive then their skeleton should be hanged publicly," Aziz Qureshi said. To another question, he said that Pakistan should immediately move the international court of arbitration to stop India from violating the Indus Basin Waters Treaty. He said that India is actively constructing controversial dams and other projects on the Jhelum and Chenab rivers without bringing it into the notice of Pakistan, which is a sheer violation of the Indus Treaty. He said that India is diverting the flow of Chenab, Jhelum and even Indus River to store maximum water, which would turn the Pakistan's green fields into desert. He also urged Pakistan to take up this issue at every level. "If the issue is not resolved, Pakistan should stop dialogue and take extreme steps to get the Indus Treaty implemented," he added. He said that those signed this treaty to oblige India are actually the culprits of the nation. About Pak-India Waters Treaty signed in 1960, Aziz-ul-Haq Qureshi said that India is sticking to its stance, which is evident from the fact that the recent talks between India and Pakistan over the controversial water projects failed. He also expressed his grave concern over the ignorance of Pakistan's Indus Water Commissioner Syed Jamaat Ali about the Indian water projects being constructed on the Pakistani rivers. He said that India is constructing 62 dams and water reservoirs on the Chenab, Jhelum and Indus rivers. He further said that India is continuously violating the Treaty but unfortunately our rulers are keeping mum over it. He said that India is constructing Ori-II dams and 19 hydal projects at the river Jhelum, which would be completed by 2012 and this attempt would turn Mangla Dam into dry clay field. To another question, he said that the Treaty could not be cancelled but it could be implemented. Aziz-ul-Haq Qureshi further disclosed that India is actively working on a secret mega plan being financed by Israel and an NGO to deprive Pakistan of its water. He further urged the government that Pakistan should inform the world about the nefarious plan of India of constructing about 62 dams on three rivers, the main sources of water for Pakistan and the current dialogue between both countries is equal to provide opportunity of time to India to complete its water bomb. He said that our policymakers are adopting the futile policy over the water issue considering it the world policy. Aziz further said on February 26, 2003, India had read out its paper in a International Seminar on Water Issue in accordance with the Track two Diplomacy that Pakistan could not construct any big dam so far despite having the river waters and is wasting its water into sea in the absence of water reservoirs, and therefore India wanted the permission to construct dams on rivers Chenab, Jhelum and Sindh and would provide electricity to Pakistan. "In that paper India had said that Pakistan is unable to construct any big dam because its people from Sindh and NWFP come on the roads to protest against the construction of dam. India, Nepal, Bangladesh, America, Pakistan and Britain attended this seminar," he added. He said that reading of such papers and the holding of such seminar was actually a conspiracy against Pakistan. The Indus Basin Coordinators are working on the issue and the Indus Basin Water Council of Pakistan also demanded an inquiry but corrupt establishment tried to burry the issue at that time. He also informed that recently held dialogue between both Indian and Pakistani Indus Water Commissioners was just a deception and cheating with the 160 million people of Pakistan, as Indian Commissioner in the start of the dialogue had told the Pakistani Commissioner Jamaat Ali Shah that he had no powers to make changes in the Kishan Ganga Dam and Ori-II Project. Chairman Indus Basin Water Council of Pakistan and Coordinator World Water Assembly Zahoorul Hassan Dahir said Jamaat Ali Shah should prepare the case of the 62 illegal Indian dams on three rivers Jhelum, Chenab and Sindh including the Baghlihar Dam and then present in the Parliament till June, 2008. Mr Suleman said that Quaid-e-Azam had said that rulers of Pakistan should avoid the thinking and nefarious designs of the Fifth Columnists as they were the anti-state elements. The speakers on this occasion also said that in the next holding of any water dialogue to be held between the Pakistan and India Indus Basin Water Council would protest strongly, adding the data was also being collected by the council about the capital being provided in Pakistan by India about the stoppage of water to Pakistan.