LAHORE (PR) - A seminar titled 'Development of Corporate Culture; Female Employment, Sexual Harassment and Glass Ceilings' was held at Lahore School of Economics on Wednesday. The seminar was a combined effort of the student body and the faculty of the university and comprised of various speakers from the diverse corporate world. The first speaker was CEO and President of Muslim Commercial Bank, who highlighted the corporate culture building, its fundamental determinants and the opportunity for women in workforce. Mr Atif termed culture as an intangible and he said that the definition for corporate culture cannot be universal for every organization. According to him culture is "the way of doing things", he further emphasized that culture could be termed as the way we lead our lives, develop our relationships with customers and the way we manage things in our daily routine. Emphasizing on the corporate culture, Mr Atif said that every individual brings along with himself/herself a specific set of values and culture and at the end of the day either he influences the existing organizational culture or he/she gets influenced by it. Speaking on how the leaders in particular affect the organization culture within a firm, he mentioned the role of the leaders as role models and catalysts that are expected to set organizational goals and generate appropriate kind of behavior that others follow. He also stated the important function of the HR department in terms of 're-emphasizing the values'. For further understanding of the audience Mr Atif Bajwa also quoted examples of multiple cultures of Corporate Giants e.g. GE, Google and Four Seasons.