WASHINGTON - US Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain has indicated  that Bobby Jindal, an Indian-American who is the current governor of the U.S. state of Louisiana, will not be his choice for vice president in the November general elections. When questioned in a town hall meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, about the possibility of Jindal being his running mate, McCain said, "I believe Gov. Jindal is the next generation of leadership, not just of the Republican Party but of America. "What he's been able to accomplish in his 36 years on earth is remarkable," McCain said. But he quickly added, "Gov. Jindal has a full schedule on a full agenda here." Speculation of Jindal being the vice presidential nominee surfaced several months ago and accelerated when Jindal appeared on the Tonight Show and spent Memorial Day weekend at McCain's ranch in Arizona. Jindal repeatedly has said he has not discussed the possibility with McCain and does not believe the position would be offered. His parents immigrated from New Delhi to Baton Rouge in 1971, where his father was a civil engineer and his mother studied at Louisiana State University, getting a degree in nuclear physics. Jindal was born in Baton Rouge and grew up in the diverse neighborhoods that surround the university. He graduated from Brown University with honors in biology and public policy and was also a Rhodes scholar, securing a graduate degree from Oxford University. "Bobby Jindal...is somebody who could be touted as part of the next generation of national Republican leaders. And they should be touting him," said one of the governor's mentors, U.S. Congressman Jim McCrery said.