LAHORE - Former Chief of Army Staff General(r)Mirza Aslam Beg has said February 18 election results were against the expectations of President Musharraf and the United States. Musharraf is a relic of the past and we should look forward now Addressing the gathering of lawyers of Lahore Bar Association (LBA) here Thursday at Aiwan-e-Adl ahead of lawyers weekly rally, Beg said the revolution, which the US wants in Pakistan, will come through conspiracies rather than movements. He said that political and religious parties have been involved in conspiracies in one or other form. He said to strengthen their movement the lawyers will have to persuade political parties to join them. He called for the formation of a national coordination committee in this regard. He said the lawyers should have participated in by-election so that they could raise their voice on floor of assemblies. Beg disclosed that once Nawaz Sharif carried out nuclear tests, his exit was written on the wall as Americans had a gut feeling that their interests in the region were under threat. Aslam Baig criticised the role of the America regarding democratic process in the country as well as religious parties. He said forces are trying to sabotage the public mandate and if it happens, it will be a great national loss. He said Benazir Bhutto's assassination changed people's minds that could might bring a revolution in Pakistan. He said that everyone should sit together and decide the procedure how to enforce the public mandate. General Kayani's decision to keep army out of politics is a vital step, he added. Beg said the lawyers must have their political agenda to ensure success of their  struggle for independent judiciary. He said the lawyers need to convey their message to the elected assemblies as it is  need of the hour. He observed that the lawyers' struggle was facing hardships and it had also entered in a crucial phase as conspiracies were being hatched against their struggle. He said the lawyers should have the support of political parties to counter the conspiracies adding for this purpose all democratic forces including PML-N , PPPP, APDM and others must unite to save the present coalition government. Beg said that he was shocked that  Aitzaz Ahsan withdrew his candidature for contesting the polls. He appreciated the public,media and political parties for joining the lawyers' movement and termed it the blessings of the Almighty Allah. He urged the lawyers and media to work for the national reconciliation in the interest of the country.   He urged all the democratic forces to support the ruling parties to save the democratic system from external conspiracies." All political parties must honour the public mandate of February 18 and try to save the coalition government because if it failed then there would be a lot of problems including chaos and uncertaininty," he concluded. Manzoor Qadir President LBA, Abdul Latif Sera Secretary LBA and other leaders of the lawyers also addressed and vowed to continue their struggle till the restoration of the judges.