Before October 12, 1999, the     economy had collapsed. We only had foreign reserves for 2 weeks of buying. Corruption was rampant. The wide gulf between federating units and federation was threatening the integrity and solidarity of Pakistan. Then Musharraf government brought economic reforms. Women and minorities were given representation at all level of governance. We introduced the devolution of the power through local government. The foreign exchange reservoirs climbed to $15 billion dollars. Foreign and local investment was unprecedented. Mega development schemes were executed. Karachi Stock Exchange was among the best bourses in the world. It all collapsed after the deposed CJ started interfering in the affairs of the executive and made it impossible for it to work, especially in the fight against terrorism. The purely constitutional issue of reference against him was politicised by vested interests and the country was once again put in turmoil. The verdict of the SC was accepted in the hope that every institution would work within its constitutional parameters. But alas this did not happen and the state was once again paralysed in the name of judicial activism. After elections, an opportunity for making amends has arisen. PPP should not lock horn with presidency on 58 (2) B because it will be accused of trying to ensconce its own man in the Presidency. -GULSHER PANHWER, Johi, District Dadu, via e-mail, May 23.