With power shortage looming over us, we have to change our lifestyle to combat the situation. (1) Why can't we open our shops, business centres and plazas at 9 am sharp in the morning, and, therefore, close at maximum 8 pm? (2) Why can't we turn off ACs of the government offices totally? (3) Why cant we totally ban lighting on weddings, and all kinds of parties. (4) Why can't we educate our youth to switch off lights when we are not using some room in the house at night? (5) Why can't we switch over to energy saver bulbs, instead of normal bulbs? (6) Why can't we totally cut power supplies to numerous advertising billboards in the city? (7) Why cant we hold energy saving training programmes on private channels? We are busy in talk shows on constitutional deviations, 90% of which goes above the heads of masses. Why can't we enlighten our people on little things, which are easy to teach and comprehend? The government has probably done or tried to do most of the things mentioned above. But where is the implementation? -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, via e-mail, May 22.