Rawalpindi - Killing an armed robber during a break-in was not horrifying for a doctor but the weird attitude of police is intimidating him as the investigators are shying away from nabbing the accomplices of perished desperado despite having credible leads about their whereabouts. An American qualified dermatologist who is running a private clinic at Chandni Chowk within the limits of Sadiqabad police, Dr Muhammad Safdar Chaudhry is going through such a scary experience. Dr Safdar is the person who stunned the town this year when he shot dead an armed robber during a robbery at his clinic at about 8-15 p.m on March 29. The deceased was among five armed robbers who earlier stormed the clinic of Dr Safdar and looted cash, cellular phones and other valuables from visiting patients, clinic staff and even the doctor himself on gun point. Recalling the awful incident while talking to The Nation on Thursday, Dr Safdar said three armed robbers suddenly made their way into his clinic on the fateful day and held all the people inside on gunpoint. The robbers started collecting valuables from all the patients, staffers and even Dr Safdar, threatening to kill anyone who would try to defy. "Though I used to carry a licensed handgun for my protection in the wake of everyday reports about lootings and robberies in town, I initially thought to submit to robbers," Dr Safdar said. However, things took an ugly turn when one of the robbers started firing at Khalid Mehmood, one of the clinic employee, on offering resistance who sustained multiple bullet injuries as a result of firing. It was the time when Dr Safdar recalled when decided to take action. "I pulled out my .30-bore pistol and fired back at the robber in a split of a second who got shot and tried to run out", he said, adding that the injured outlaw fell at a short distance. After one of them got injured, the remaining robbers also panicked and started retreating while firing indiscriminately at the dermatologist. He further recalled that one of the retreating outlaws tried to pick up his injured accomplice but then left him and fled away. One of the reasons for dumping their friends, Dr Safdar said, was injured robber's critical condition as being shot thrice. Quoting eyewitnesses, Dr Safdar said, at least two more robbers were waiting down stairs in a taxi cab who ran away while firing in the air except for the injured who later died succumbing to injuries. Area police, when called, registered a case regarding the whole occurrence and the dead robber identified as Agha Taqi son of Agha Zawar, resident of Mughalpura, Lahore. Father of the deceased was contacted by police who came to Rawalpindi and received the body of his killed son on March 31. Later, he remained in contact both with the DSP, New Town Police Station, investigating officer of case, Sub-Inspector Sheikh Aslam and even with Dr Safdar. "Agha Zawar was very sad about the embarrassing end of his son's life but he offered all the assistance in the arrest of accomplices of Agha Taqi," the doctor said. Zawar also told police that his son landed in the gang of Saleem alias Saleema due to the bad company of his cousins who all could be arrested if the police party raids their dens in Lahore. "Though I repeatedly went police officers and requested them to make efforts for the arrest of Saleema and his accomplices but police made no serious effort for their arrest", Dr Safdar regretted. "I also offered all the logistic support to the police specially to present SHO of Sadiqabad police station and the investigating officer to conduct raids for arrests of Saleema gang but no one is listening to me," said frustrated and horrified Dr Safdar. "Though I did only in self defense but they hey would be very inimical to me as I shot dead their friend", the doctor further said while expressing concerns not only for his personal safety but also for his family which consists of his wife and three children including a daughter. He also stated that Saleema is a desperate offender and is wanted by police in dozens of cases pertaining to robbery and other heinous offences. Quoting the revelations of Agha Zawar, the doctor said members of Saleema gang used to come to Pindi every fortnight and strike at their will before going back to enjoy life at the expense of looted valuables. Dr Safdar believes the gang led by Saleem alias Saleema could have been arrested by now if the police, especially the investigating officer, could have acted promptly on the leads provided by father of deceased robber. SHO Sadiqabad, Inspector Zulfiqar, when contacted said the investigating officer of the case is on 'medical rest', that's why the offenders could not be arrested by now. However, Zulfiqar ensured that police will make all efforts to arrest the culprits and secure the life and property of common citizens. Dr Safdar has requested Inspector General Punjab and City Police Officer, Rawalpindi to look into his grievance and ensure arrest of gangsters to provide safety to his life and that of common citizens. He feared that not only may more innocent citizens might be looted by Saleema and his gang if they are not arrested but his life is also at great risk for as long as the robbers were set at liberty despite plausible leads about their whereabouts.