Israels horrific attack on an international flotilla bringing much-needed aid to the besieged people of Gaza has achieved more than billions of Arab dollars in emergency aid. Newspapers and television screens the world over are dominated by images and first-hand testimonies exposing the true nature of the rogue Israeli state. The stories being narrated by a Pakistani journalist are horrifying and disgusting to the core. The independent media in particular and alternative news sources on the internet ensured that the uncensored facts reach the worlds citizens within minutes of the atrocity. Israels ludicrous claims that the flotilla was carrying armed militants and weapons of mass destruction had no currency in a world awash with evidence of what really happened from those who were there. The only exception was the BBC, which continued to harp shamelessly on the Israeli version of events and signally failed to interview any Palestinian commentators even though there are many in London. The facts are that the flotilla consisted of six ships determined to symbolically break Israels illegal and inhumane blockade of the Gaza Strip. In the dead of night on May 31, in international waters 74 nautical miles off the coast of Palestine, the ships were attacked by Israeli helicopters which started firing on them before depositing machine-gun toting commandos on the deck of the leading Turkish ship, the Mavi Marmara. The 'civilised version of Anglo-American is that Israel was right. I believe that Iranian President is also right when he says 'the days of Israel are numbered.-RASHEED TORU, Glasgow, June 5.