This is in reference to an article printed in English daily that shed light on the use of harmful tactics by the terrorist organizations in Pakistan. Although different religious parties have been using different media tools to spread their point of view to the people since the very beginning of political struggle in this region, but the extended use began after the incident of 9/11 and played a severe role in disseminating extremism in Pakistan. The message that the author of this article tried to spread was very simple, but yet effective; if the extremist groups can use all the available tools of media i.e. FM radio, CDs/DVDs, newspapers, websites and a lot more then why and how have they been doing this for so long, without catching the attention of the concerned authorities. Different governments have been imposing bans on such hate propagation, but somehow these organizations have been successful in putting their message through. The rise of extremism in Swat and Tribal areas of Pakistan and now the heart of Pakistan i.e. Punjab is due to the hate material that is available in different forms on the internet, in form of books, magazines and even viewable material such as CDs and DVDs. In order to put an effective control on this radical media, every responsible citizen must play its role to identify the places where this type of material is available. ZULFIQAR HAIDER, Islamabad, June 5.