Hundreds of pities for Sindh to have an ailing Chief Minister and indifferent Members of Provincial Assembly (MPAs) A chronically ailing Chief Minister has his own physical and psychological problems, hence, he is absolutely unconcerned about anything, whether Sindh suffers or bleeds. Similarly, the Members of Provincial Assembly, who are that much darling of the voters that many of them from the upper Sindh have never visited their constituencies even for a single time since they were voted to the Assemblies. So, how can the annual development program funds be utilized? It is on the record that Sindh was allocated around Rs. 73 billion for ABP for the fiscal year 2009-01. Out of that allocation hardly Rs. 49 billion were released by the tight-fisted Federal Government. Probably, finance managers in Islamabad are cognizant of the fact that the elected representatives and Sindhi Babus in the provincial capital, Karachi, neither have capacity to utilize the allocated funds nor an iota of interest to develop rural infrastructure in irrigation, agriculture, rural connectivity, social sectors, etc which eventually result in long-term prosperity, so they should not be released the whole of amount of the ADP. Shockingly, popularly elected government in Sindh has utilized only Rs. 33 billion. On the contrary, They have utilized the whole amount allocated under the head of non-developmental activities i.e in respect of their own perks and privileges. However, the President and Prime Minister are appealed to direct the Speaker Provincial Assembly to take disciplinary action against the said lousy and indifferent MPAs, otherwise, those may be decorated with the Pride of Performance. HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, June 4.