It was certainly a source of satisfaction and relief to see the US lawmaker Dennis Kucinich and a former presidential candidate give his comrades in the government a severe dressing down for their guilty silence over the Israeli massacre of defenceless peace activists. His observation that the US population would one day definitely have to bear the consequences of how Israel is spilling the blood of innocent people and running amock over Palestinian lands while enjoying absolute military and moral support from the US should be recognised as writing on the wall. But while Mr Denniss criticism is a ray of hope, the fact remains that such conscientious voices are a drop in the ocean and not enough to stop the USA from sinking into a whirlpool of social and political degeneration. He certainly stands no ground against the all-powerful Israeli lobby, which not only controls the legislation in the Congress but has always had the President in its pocket. Precisely for this reason his demand for sanctions against Israel would evoke no positive action from Washington. The White Houses innocuous comments on the act of savagery would make it abundantly clear that the Israeli entity has the US establishment and even democracy effectively under its thumb. This should serve as an awakening of reality that it is not political Islam that poses a threat to humanity and world peace but the sinister state terrorism unleashed by this unholy alliance.