I am writing this letter with reference to a meeting with your late venerable father at Jati Umrah in 1998. This meeting was desired by your late father regarding total ban on marriage food as being repugnant to injunctions of Islam. Later on one dish was allowed at marriage functions. Your late father confided in me, at the time that you as Prime Minister would announce building of Kalabagh dam which was eventually, done by you at the time of announcing six atomic blasts in answer to Indian atomic blasts. However, later on you retracted from building Kalabagh dam, apparently due to the opposition from ANP. Since the 2013 election Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa’s opposition has been neutralized by Pakistan Tehrik-e-lnsaf forming Govt. in Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa. By the grace of Allah Almighty the Pakistan People’s Party which had buried Kalabagh dam during its tenure has been buried itself. Now that Allah Almighty has brought you back in power to get some special work from you in the service of Pakistan.

To my mind, there could not be no greater work than getting the consensus of Sindh now on the dam as also supported by Pakistan People Party remnants in Punjab (Raja Riaz). This dam would relieve the economic pressure on Pakistan ultimately in addition to short term and medium term efforts to generate power for agriculture and industrial uplift. Even Mr Yousaf Raza Gilani had said that Kalabagh dam had become victim of politics. With your hindsight and foresight as demonstrated in solving the Balochistan political imbroglio you can deliver.

I pray to Allah Almighty to grant you health, courage and strength to build the Kalabagh dam post haste as Bhasha dam is receding into the distant future due to lack of NOC from India and refusal of World Bank to fund it being located in a disputed area and being risky in a highly seismic area where scale 9 ritcher scale earthquakes could strike in future.


Lahore, June 4.