The Supreme Court has asserted that it intents to make history so far as the treason case against Musharraf is concerned. The statement of Justice Jawad S Khawaja that, “we have to decide about article 6 for all time to come” reflects the court’s determination that would help quell different rumours and theories circulating around.

Also the Supreme Court’s hearing of the Memogate scandal was quite absorbing. The court stated it in unequivocal terms that whichever legal measures the interior ministry might have to take, Hussain Haqqani must be brought back to Pakistan in four weeks. The judges know very well that these cases are of central importance so far as canons of impartiality and justice is concerned and no wonder they have expressed the idea that its outcome would always impact the future. It does not matter that both the cases involve two high profile individuals: one happens to be former chief of the armed forces and the other one has run away to a foreign country where he had served as Pakistan’s ambassador. We know how holy a former general is considered, the idea albeit a wrong one is that once a chief always a chief and hence the armed forces would always come back to save his skin. That is where justice comes and is expected to pay no heed to such pressure. And that is where justice has to be executed as though both these individuals were as ordinary as any ordinary citizen. If they are able to defy the court directions, a common citizen too will question why justice is selective and why it does not come into play where the ‘sacrosanct characters’ are concerned. There are two laws; one for the masses and one for the elite, the people will say. But also there is the question of future violations of constitution. By making an impartial decision, the court has to tell to the nation that it has the power to decide such cases without favour or fear and that it knows how to protect the integrity of the constitution. The judicial history of the past especially where decisions with regards to dismissal of elected governments has been crucial in shaping the future of the country and so it will this time around as Justice Jawad has rightly said.

The new dispensation has a whole set of new challenges as it finds itself in the middle of a chaotic situation, where it has to abide by the rule of law or else it too would invite the ire of the people. The interior ministry that will be under its command should get the court’s orders implemented to have Mr Haqqani repatriated. Besides his paranoia is unfounded; he is not a convict, as the court has assured him. He should have faith in the judiciary.