Chandka Medical College Hospital Complex (CMCHC) Larkana, which has a 1,200 bedded capacity and is also a teaching hospital, serves the people of Sindh and adjoining areas of Balochistan. An expert faculty deals with the OPD and sees hundreds of patients daily. One serious drawback is the dismal state of its laboratories. The teaching hospital laboratory is functional during the day. Still most of the specimen samples are not taken after 12 noon. If a patient comes after 12, they can’t have the test results till the next evening, only if it’s not a holiday. Many tests are not available and the results of the available tests are also highly debatable. The cultures are rarely performed here.

The gross inaccuracies in the tests results and unavailability of many tests contribute in misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, leading to greater hospital stay, greater undiagnosed cases, and increased morbidity and mortality in general. The laboratory problem is not a small one, but the daily problem of thousands of poor patients. The added costs of the tests overburden them. Each test costs hundreds of rupees from the private labs that would have been free in CMCH for the indoor patients. I assume if a 24 hour fully functional, state-of-art laboratory is provided to the CMC Hospital then with the faculty in hand, CMCH will be one of the best hospitals in Pakistan.


Larkana, June 3.