I would like to bring to the notice via your newspaper the unprofessional and rude behaviour of a subsidiary of the UK Border Agency in Pakistan which is responsible for handling the X-ray reports for all UK visa applicants. A few years back, it was handled in an efficient manner by the Agha Khan Hospital, but now this responsibility has been given to an organization called the IOM in Pakistan.

I know that Pakistan has become dreadful in its services and its conduct but the non-professionalism shown by the hospital and the staff was appalling, if this had happened to me in USA or UK, I would have sued the hospital and its staff. I appeared for the X-ray necessary for the UK visa application under the UK TB Program few months back in the IOM office in Karachi. The untrained and unqualified doctors on duty issued me an incorrect report; I was told that there was some abnormality, which caused much distress and alarm to me and my family. An ambiguous certificate and referral letter was issued.

I went for another X-ray, as I was not satisfied by the results of the first test. The second X-ray report from a hospital of excellent repute, I was given a perfectly normal and healthy report. I even requested consultation from one of the best chest specialists in Karachi and the highly experienced doctors completely negated the report issued by the unprofessional people in the IOM. When I went back with my two results the staff at IOM turned very rude and did not accept that they had made a mistake. I am sure someone paid a big bribe to get IOM to do these tests as they make a lot of money from them. The doctors we consulted in response considered those in charge of the operations at IOM to be totally unqualified for the job they were handling as they lacked the knowledge for the kind of work they were doing.

This has been a matter of personal concern as the report was false and caused me delay and anxiety about my health, as well as my application process was prolonged without any cause. I would like to request that this matter be taken seriously and investigated. It would be better for the efficient and effective obtaining of visa if UKBA hires the services of any one of the prestigious hospitals of excellent repute in Pakistan like the Shaukat Khanum or the Agha Khan Hospital which is run by professionally qualified people with full knowledge of their field. It was my responsibility that I should bring this matter to your notice so that other prospective candidates for visa do not undergo the same undue distress that I went through at the hands of unqualified people running the IOM.


Karachi, June 3.