kunming, china - Bangladeshi Prime Minister Ms Hassina Wajid is scheduled to visit China today (Friday) to rally Beijing’s support for her country in the upcoming election for UNSC non permanent member slot, sources said on Thursday.
Apparently Bangladeshi Prime Minister is coming to participate in the 2nd China- South Asia Expo that opens here today; she would use the opportunity to rally Chinese government support for the election Dhaka desire to contest for non-permanent member seat of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
Still, many analysts believed this might not happen because of regional tensions in Far East as she has reportedly secured the support of Tokyo with six billion dollars development funds Japan has promised to Hassina Wajid’s government.
They are of the view that since China and Japan have developed serious tension over an island in South China sea, she might not be able to convince Beijing to support Dhaka in its bid for UNSC election. ‘Despite the fact that Prime Minister Hassina Wajid has strong credentials of a nationalist leader, she would not be able to secure Chinese commitment for the reason that Japan has already trimmed such a prospect’, a senior Bangladeshi journalist told this ascribe requesting not to be named.
He was of the view that in the given situation where Japan has already committed its support to Dhaka in the UNSC election with hefty development funds, China might not support Dhaka in its bid for UNSC election. On other hand, Chinese sources did not subscribe these notions saying Beijing would go all out in support of Dhaka in its bid for UNSC election.
They insisted that both the countries have just concluded crucial meeting of their joint ministerial commission in which Beijing and Dhaka have agreed on mutually beneficial projects in which Chinese and Bengali companies would set up joint ventures in various fields including maritime trade and infrastructure projects including roads etc. that Beijing believes is imperative for revival of Silk Route trade.
Few years ago China offered to develop a deep sea port and a containers terminal Bangladesh costing billions of US dollars, but these projects did not materialize for unknown reasons. Now again the two countries are engaged to tap the maritime trade and investment potential Bangladesh offers to China in the Indian Ocean
 According to media professionals who have arrived here to cover the 2nd China- South Asia Expo it is New Delhi which does not want enhanced cooperation between China and SAARC countries other than India. ‘India wants such a benefits to South Asia should be channelized through it’, another Bangladeshi journalist remarked while speaking on condition of anonymity.