RAWALPINDI/ISLAMABAD- Rumors of sneaking of cannibals in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad have kept the scared children and terrified elders alike indoors  with appeals pouring in from the people to government to take action against rumor mongers.
As per media reports  rumors are circulating persistently since the last one week that the cannibals are roaming freely in the areas of Bahar Kahu, Taramri Khanna pull at federal capital and Shams Abad, Sadiq Abad, Dhok Ali Akbar and suburbs in Rawalpindi and they are targeting the children and adults wherever they find them alone.
The rumor mongers have floated baseless reports that certain cannibals have been arrested and are locked up in police stations of Sadiq Abad, Shahzad town and Bahara Kahu. However any report of arrest of any cannibal or any untoward incident has not been confirmed by the police and other official sources.
Such unfounded reports have sent wave of panic and scare among the people that the parents have stopped sending their children to schools and these fabricated and craftily contrived notions are so rife that even the elders had confined them to four walls of their homes.