Reference to unending land scams which have caused despair for many and has brought Pakistan into disrepute because of involvement of specific political parties and retired former members of uniformed and civil bureaucracy. Why should state be hostage to those who are so blinded by greed that they would stoop to any level to make black money and why is it impotent to their design?

Few individuals by nature are crooks, willing to betray their country. It is the responsibility of the state to ensure through strict vigilance and regulatory controls, individuals and groups, involved in blatant irregularities. The unfortunate reality is that Pakistan and its institutions have failed to perform their constitutional obligations and powerful groups, within paid bureaucracy have abused their official powers, to detriment of national interest and security concerns of this country.

Tolerance for irregularities, corruption, abuse of power and insatiable greed of a few has wrecked many a crisis upon this country, which today faces threats of criminal and financial terrorism from within, aided and abetted by our known enemies. Whether it is money laundering, organized flight of capital, Karachi Water Tanker Mafia, DHA Valley Islamabad scam, Axact scandal, there is always involvement of people belonging to specific backgrounds, who having obtained dual nationalities, continue to enjoy same protocol and security clearances applicable to those who have sworn loyalty and allegiance to no other country than Pakistan.


Lahore, June 1.